Let's Fight the Virus! Scan with "LeaveHomeSafe"
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How It Works

Record your visits

When entering a venue, open the App, click “Enter” to allow access to the camera function of your phone. Scan the specific QR code displayed at the venue.

When you get in a taxi, open the App, click "Get On" and then press "Auto Recognise" to scan the registration mark on the yellow plate shown on the inside of the taxi door or input the registration mark directly.
Press “Leave” when you leave the venue or taxi,. Related record of the visit will be encrypted and stored in your mobile device
Visit records will be erased automatically after 31 days

Report Confirmed Positive or Preliminary Positive

A confirmed COVID-19 patient using the App needs to enter a personal One Time Password (OTP) provided by the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) in the App
Press “Report Confirmed Positive or Preliminary Positive” and upload the encrypted visit records to the CHP for epidemiological investigations

Receive Exposure Notification

Receive notification from the App if users were at the same venue at about the same time with a recently confirmed COVID-19 patient
Notification will contain information on where and when the exposure might have occurred. Health advice will also be sent to users to remind them to take proper precautionary measures, and seek medical treatment if need

Download The App

Download the LeaveHomeSafe App to help protect the community while protecting your privacy.
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